Mint Love, Not War!

A private NFT collection on Ethereum blockchain, consisting of 6969 pieces that open the doors to a community of music, art and culture.

What is Chipstock 69’ers?

Inspired by the long celebrated Woodstock Music Festival; we’re creating a uniquely creative and collaborative digital community of artists, art lovers and collectors. We envision an all-profiting community in which each individual gains from collective growth.

We’re publishing the first ever fanzine by an NFT community; uniting global artists, art lovers and collectors. We celebrate 69’ers holders who share our vision with a community wallet where the sales revenues are gathered. Similarly, we’re highlighting passionate artists on their path to recognition, supporting them with the collaboration of the 69’ers community filled with industry professionals.

Chipstock 69’ers is calling out to those eager to reform the society through art!

Are you ready to be an agent of revolutionary change?

About the 69’ers Fanzine

  • A pioneering wave that merges retro and art in the NFT world.
  • Curated by the professional editors of Chipstock 69’ers. (Check out our team for references)
  • Gathering the artist of all kinds, from global to aspiring. Welcomes art from any and all branches; from literature to illustration; photography to music.
  • Published monthly and online.
  • Community vote calls the shots.
  • Submissions open to all members of the community.
  • Featured NFT works will double as links to their marketplaces, likely to boost sales.
  • A general announcements platform on the last page. Promote your guitar tutoring business or declare your love for a minimal price.
  • Distributed widely and globally.

Roadmap 1.0


Hello Discord!

69’ers Discord channel is ready for all artists, art lovers and collectors.


Open for submissions, 24/7

We open an initial round of submissions for volume one of the fanzine to all 69’ers Discord members.


Ready for minting?

6969 69’ers are ready for minting!


Discord be bustling

We begin our calendar of series of exclusive 69’ers Discord events that include (but not limited to!) open mics, jam nights, feedback sessions with influential artists, chats, Discord radio


Fanzine loading...

The first volume of the online 69’ers fanzine is designed and curated by team professionals, through the votes of the community.


Hey pioneers, we just published the first ever fanzine created by an NFT community.

First volume is published! All contributing members along with 69’ers holders receive much-deserved value for their effort and work.





Firat G.


Uncle Freddy

Gülce B.

Lead Artist

Mother of Dragons

Gökhan T.

Lead Developer


Ece Ç.

Project Manager

Dancing Queen

Fatih Mert D.

Blockchain Expert


Hüseyin C.

Blockchain Expert

Diaphanous Guy

Cansu U.

Product Manager

Caso Go

Joel Ö.

Outreach Supervisor


Merve B.

Project Coordinator

Crafty Wild Card

Doğukan Y.

Community Manager


Selin G.

Community Leader


Can Temiz

Music Designer

Spirit Animal

Ahmed T. K.

Art Director


Melih G.

3D Artist


Bünyamin B.



Berna Ç.

UI/UX Designer



Paid Actor


A non-fungible token (NFT) is a type of data stored on the blockchain, which is not interchangeable and can be traded. NFTs may be represented by digital assets like photos and videos. They are different from other cryptocurrencies because each NFT token is unique.
We use 69’ers as a nickname for our NFTs and also for our holders. Sometimes we use Niners as 69’ers’ acronym.
69'ers use Blockchain technology on Ethereum network with ERC721
If whitelisted, you can buy 69’ers during the pre-sale. If not whitelisted, you would have to wait for the public sale. If you missed your chance during both sales, you can buy 69’ers from secondary markets such as OpenSea.
6969 69’ers will be on sale.
The Woodstock Festival was a music festival held in 1969 New York which revolutionized art and society. It was the most inspiring event of its time. They kicked off change, so will we! Their ambition inspired many generations to come, and now we take over.
By definition, minting is producing something for the first time. In the NFT world, minting stands for creating the NFT for the first time and validating it on blockchain. Simply, buying your NFT from our website is called minting because you will be the first owner of that newly created NFT.
69’ers will be sold for ETH crypto currency. Therefore, you need to buy ETH before anything else. You can buy ETHs from crypto exchange markets such as Binance, Coinbase, etc. After you have your ETHs, you need to transfer them into your ETH wallet. The most famous and easiest to use ETH wallet is Metamask. You can download Metamask to your browser and easily create your ETH wallet. Once you have created your ETH wallet, now it is time to transfer your ETHs from the crypto exchange that you have bought from to the ETH wallet that you have created in Metamask. Once your ETHs are in your Metamask, you are now ready to buy 69’ers. On the minting date, visit our website and click on the ‘Connect Your Wallet’ button. If you are whitelisted, you will be able to mint your 69’ers during the pre-sale period, otherwise, you can buy your 69’ers on public sale period if there are any left :)
Whitelist is the ticket for the pre-sale. If you own a whitelist from a project, it means that you can mint your NFT at the project’s pre-sale period. Whitelisting does not mean having a discount on the price. The price is the same for everybody, whitelisting just reserves your spot to mint at pre-sale.
Will be announced soon!


We believe our society today needs more inclusivity and imagination. We want to multiply a score for one, to a win for the whole. We trust the magnifying force of creativity, and the resilience of camaraderie. The current societal climate is one of distress and obscurity. It’s time to refocus our energy onto art, peace and transparency.

We leverage the latest in blockchain technology and the art world to create a community that’s widely creative, supportive and innovative; one that will grow hand in hand. Our team of creatives and developers have created a roadmap that will effectively include and benefit our entire community through a series of unique, high-end projects.

450.000 of those who believed in the possibility of a future of peace and harmony gathered in a farm in Bethel, New York for the Woodstock Festival of 69. We’re looking for like-minded, enthusiastic individuals who will act as agents of change in today’s world.

Mint Love, Not War!